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There are no puzzles on this page because that way lies madness and you wouldn't want to go mad would you?

Accepted Teams


Briny Deep (video | viewbook)
Burninators (video | viewbook)
Carpinality (video | viewbook)
Coed Astronomy (video | viewbook)
Innsmouth High School Scuba Squad (video | viewbook)
Looks Like... Art? (video | viewbook)
Mystic Golems (video | viewbook)
The AMi-Gos (video | viewbook)
The Koi (video | viewbook)
The Nakatamo Cult (video | viewbook)
The Shambling Shoggoths (video | viewbook)
Too Long Chthulid (video | viewbook)


Bloodshot (video | viewbook)
Boneless Chickthyologists (video | viewbook)
Cautelous Nautilus (video | viewbook)
CRANEA (video | viewbook)
Dirty Bayes (video | viewbook)
Disobedient Children (video | viewbook)
Djinn & Miskatonic (video | viewbook)
For Gods' Hake (video | viewbook)
Friday the 13th Part VI (video | viewbook)
Here Be D(r)agons (video | viewbook)
Jane Doe (video | viewbook)
Mystik Spiral (video | viewbook)
Puzzled Underwater (video | viewbook)
R.E.D.T.A.P.E. (video | viewbook)
Renegade Puzzlers (video | viewbook)
Silly Hat Brigade (video)
Team Prospect (video | viewbook)
The Arkham Cryptoarchaeologists League (video | viewbook)
The Gray Old Ones (video | viewbook)
The Puzzle Underground (video | viewbook)
🍔🍔🍔 Wnicwe Veskepwe 🍔🍔🍔 (video)
XX-Rated (video | viewbook)