About the University

Miskatonic University is a small liberal arts college located in beautiful Arkham, Massachusetts. It takes its name from the nearby Miskatonic River. Over the centuries, Miskatonic University has developed a rich history of tackling arcane subject matter and inner exploration. Though the knowledge we pursue is ancient beyond words, we prize state-of-the-art technologies. Our storied ambiance provides a mind-broadening background to our challenging learning environment, and promises unique rewards.


At Miskatonic University, the Robert Harrison Black College of Arts and Sciences is renowned for the quality of its scholarship. Our low student-to-faculty ratio allows each individual student the freedom to tailor their course of studies in pursuit of their dreams, leading to a lifelong journey of learning and self-discovery. The courses offered at Miskatonic University cover a vast range of human knowledge and beyond, and our teaching faculty excels at helping students achieve their untapped potential. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to pursue a major in many subject areas, including some you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Miskatonic University also offers first-rate research opportunities for students and faculty. From repositories of ancient lore, to state-of-the-art laboratories, our research facilities are an essential tool in our ardent pursuit of knowledge. But Miskatonic University’s strongest asset is the sentient beings, faculty and students alike, who discover that knowledge. From the outer edges of the cosmos to the innermost reaches of the mind, our researchers’ piercing insight and ceaseless work have yielded many groundbreaking results that changed the world forever, and the world recognizes our research efforts in turn. Many Miskatonic University faculty and alumni are distinguished scholars in their fields, including 37 Nobel Laureates (3 Alfred, 34 Ig), 13 Pigasus Award winners, and a 2015 Hugo Award nominee.

Student Life

The Asenath White Office of Facilities and Student Life is dedicated to providing students with an unforgettable experience on campus. The Office of Facilities and Student Life oversees the maintenance of student residences, dining facilities, athletic fields, and other campus spaces not covered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Additionally, Student Life officers work hard to bring performances, festivals, forgotten rituals, and other special events to campus, often in partnership with the town of Arkham. At our dining facilities, students enjoy a wide range of options, from traditional New England cuisine to fantastical concoctions from afar. The Miskatonic University athletic teams, affectionately known as the ‘Pods, compete in 17 sports at the NCAA Division II level. And whether they choose to live in a residence hall or a fraternity house, students will quickly form close connections with their hallmates. By the end of your first semester at Miskatonic University, you will probably find your BFF, your soulmate, your mortal enemy, your doppelgänger, and many other close friends. After graduation, the members of the greater Miskatonic community enjoy networking opportunities, reunions, and alumni seances – no matter how long ago you studied at Miskatonic University, you never really leave.

Our Campus

The campus of Miskatonic University is located in the heart of Arkham, a historic town in northern Massachusetts. The storied Miskatonic River runs through part of the campus, with several academic buildings overlooking its banks. With some campus buildings dating back to the 17th century, the architecture is a memorable fusion of the past, present, and future of New England. We encourage prospective students to schedule a campus visit and see Miskatonic University firsthand, but until then, you can use the map shown below to explore the campus.

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  • A&S: Robert Harrison Black College of Arts and Sciences
  • F&SL: Asenath White Office of Facilities and Student Life
  • Building numbers are provided for identification purposes only.

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# Division Campus Feature Coordinates
1 A&S Rare Manuscript Containment Bunker B1
2 A&S Warren Rice Center for Comparative Linguistics C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, G2
3 A&S Organic Chemistry Laboratories J1, K1, J2, J3, I4, J4
4 A&S Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories O1, M2, N2, O2
5 A&S Biology Lecture Hall S1, T1, U1, V1
6 A&S Cryptid Vivarium W1, X1, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4
7 A&S Henry Armitage Humanities Library A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
8 F&SL Fraternity Row Q1, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5
9 A&S Curwin Center for Pure & Applied Alchemy K3, L3
10 F&SL Fliguer Dining Hall N3, O3, O4
11 A&S Microbiological Research Laboratories S2, S3, S4, S5
12 A&S Richard Upton Pickman Portrait Gallery C3, D3, E3, C4, D4, E4, C5, D5, E5
13 A&S Center for Journalism G3, G4, G5, G6
14 A&S Hyperorganic Chemistry Laboratories Q2, Q3, P4, Q4, Q5
15 F&SL Memorial Gazebo T4
16 A&S Observatory & Planetarium L4, M4, N4, L5, M5, N5, N6
17 F&SL Underground Natatorium X4, X5, X6
18 F&SL Open Stage & Karaoke Bar D6, E6, F6
19 A&S Study Carrels & Isolation Booth J6
20 F&SL The Strange Coffee House in the Mist P5, P6, Q6
21 A&S High-Security Research Annex S5, S6, S7
22 A&S Botanical & Mycological Conservatory Y5, Y6, W7, X7, Y7
23 A&S Herbert West Animation Studios A6, A7, B7, C7
24 A&S Center for Creative Writing D7, E7, F7
25 A&S Center for Coherent Writing G7
26 A&S Isolation Booth & Study Carrels I7
27 A&S Astronomy Lecture Hall O6, O7, O8
28 A&S Astrology Lecture Hall Q7, Q8
29 A&S Centers for Cloning Research T7, U7, V7
30 F&SL Arkham Arena R8, S8, T8, R9, S9, T9
31 F&SL Miskatonic Field House V8, W8, X8, Y8, Y9
32 A&S Media Studios A9, B9
33 A&S Graphic Art & Design Studios F9, G9, H9
34 A&S Ceramics Workshop E10
35 A&S Center for Interplanetary Science M7, M8, M9, N9, O9, N10, O10, P10, O11, P11, O12
36 A&S Optics Laboratory R10, Q11, R11, S11
37 A&S Old Waldron Center for Orthopedics & Sports Necromancy U9, V9, V10, W10, X10, X11, Y11, Y12, Y13
38 A&S Sculpture and 4D-printing Studio C10, A11, B11, C11
39 A&S Erich Zann Performing Arts Complex K7, K8, K9, J10, K10, G11, H11, I11, J11, K11, K12
40 A&S Black Box Theater M11
41 A&S Forensic Laboratory T10, U10, T11, U11, V11, T12, V12
42 A&S Visual & Performing Arts Lecture Hall D12, E12, E13
43 A&S Quantum Tunnels F11, F12
44 F&SL Howard Residence Hall G12, H12, I12, J12, H13, E14, F14, G14, H14
45 F&SL Phillips Residence Hall B12, C12, B13, C13, B14, C14, B15
46 A&S Microcyclotron G13
47 A&S Phrenology Laboratories I13, J13, K13, L13, L14
48 A&S Center for Experimental Epistemology M15
49 A&S Office of Academic Services Q13, R13, P14, Q14, O15, P15, Q15, R15, P16, Q16, Q17, R17
50 A&S Actually Infinite Corridor A13, A14, A15, A16, A17
51 A&S Robert Olmstead New England Heritage Institute D14, C15, D15, E15, F15, G15, D16, E16, C17, D17
52 A&S Randolph Carter Center for Experimental Oneironautics K16
53 A&S Research Hospital & Student Health Services T14, T15, U15, V15, T16, U16, S17, T17, U17
54 A&S Allen Halsey Medical Library Y15, Y16
55 A&S Antiquarian Lecture Hall F17, G17
56 A&S Horatio Kharon Cognitive Science Institute I15, J15, I16, I17, J17
57 A&S Walter Gilman Non-Euclidean Center for Mathematics L17, M17, N17, O17, K18, L18, L19
58 A&S Hall of Philosophical Inquiry W16, W17, W18
59 A&S Informatics Lecture Hall P17, P18, Q18, Q19
60 A&S Barnabas Marsh Transoceanic Commerce Institute A19, B19, C19, A20, A21
61 A&S Institute for the Preservation of Outdated Systems D19, E19
62 A&S Public Policy Institute I18, I19, J19, I20
63 F&SL Student Union M18, N18, O18, N19, O19, P19
64 A&S Weather Research Station & Control Center S19
65 A&S William Dyer Earth Science Lecture Hall Y19, Y20, Y21
66 A&S Lavinia Whateley Lecture Hall F19, G19, G20, G21
67 F&SL Greenhouse & Extraterrarium R20, S20
68 A&S Doris Horus Science Library J21, K21, J22
69 A&S Institute of Transformative Studies O20, P20, Q20, M21, N21, O21, P21, Q21, R21, S21, T21, O22, Q22, R22, S22, T22
70 A&S Center for Hypercomputational Research U18, U19, V19, U20, U21, V21, W21, V22
71 A&S Institute for Progressive Change C21, D21, E21, C22, D22, E22, C23, D23, E23
72 A&S Anna Tilton Living History Museum L22
73 A&S Department of Economics Lecture Hall G22, G23, G24
74 A&S Frances Morgan Resurrected History Museum M23
75 F&SL Gilman House Dormitory M22, N22, L23, N23, O23, L24, M24, N24
76 A&S Forbidden Artifact Collection W23
77 F&SL Keziah Residence Hall F22, F23, D24, E24, F24
78 A&S Departments of Anthropology & Archaeology K23, I24, J24, K24, I25
79 A&S Perfectly Normal Public-Facing Facade P23, T23, O24, P24, Q24, R24, S24, T24, U24, Q25, S25
80 A&S Visitor Research Center Y23, Y24, Y25
81 A&S Center for Cultural Studies A22, A23, A24, A25, B25
82 A&S Center for Cultural Prognostication C25, D25, E25, F25, G25
83 F&SL Featureless Monolith J25, K25
84 A&S Graduate Research Shack L25, M25
85 A&S Remote Sensing Facility V25
N/A A&S Obed Marsh Research Pond U3, V3, W3, U4, V4, W4, U5, V5, W5
N/A F&SL East Quadrangle
N/A F&SL West Quadrangle
N/A F&SL South Quadrangle
N/A F&SL South Lawn
N/A F&SL Campus Gardens
N/A F&SL Eliza Orne Sculpture Garden
N/A F&SL West Parking Lot 1
N/A F&SL West Parking Lot 2
N/A F&SL East Parking Lot 1
N/A F&SL East Parking Lot 2
N/A F&SL South Parking Lot
N/A F&SL Riverway
N/A F&SL Manuxet Street
N/A F&SL University Terrace
N/A F&SL Aylesbury Street

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